Pets and Treats

Treats FAQ’s:

What is the shelf life of the cookies? Since the cookies don’t have any preservatives in them they need to be kept refrigerated or frozen. If refrigerated they are good for about 3 to 4 weeks. If you freeze them they are good for about 6 months.

How are your cookies packaged for shipping? We vacuum seal them in plastic and ship them via the postal service to anywhere in the United States. If you want them shipped outside of the United States please call us to discuss the shipping charges.

What if my dog has food allergies? If you will contact us we can usually make changes to any of our recipes to accommodate special needs dogs. Depending on what ingredients we have to change there could possibly be an additional charge if the new ingredient is more costly.

Do you make treats for cats? I have tried baking treats for cats only to discover that one day they like them and the next day they don’t. So we decided that cats are too finicky to bake for. (I can say that because I have 2 of my own).

What happens if one of my family members eats one of the treats by mistake? Well they will probably think the cookies are fairly bland compared to the cookies they are used to eating since we don’t add any sugar or salt to our cookies. All of our cookies are made with human quality ingredients so you could actually eat them if you wanted.

Are your cookies really hard? No, our cookies are more of a soft cookie. You can easily break them into smaller pieces if you wanted to. They are also great for older pets who may not be able to chew the harder treats.

How many treats can I give my dog each day? Treats shouldn’t be more one tenth of the dogs entire daily diet.

Do your treats come in different sizes? We can make treats in pretty much any size you want. If you have a specific request just contact us. Most of our treats aren’t any larger than 2″ unless otherwise requested.

Pet Sitting FAQ’s:

How many times a day do you come to take care of my pets? We can come as many times as you want us to. For dogs we don’t recommend less than 3 visits per day unless they have access to go outside on their own.

Do you stay overnight with the pets? Yes, we do offer a service where we stay overnight in your home with your pets. (During the holidays because it is our busiest time of the year we do have to limit the number of overnight assignments we accept so be sure to get your reservations in EARLY!)

Do you charge per visit or is it a flat rate? We charge per visit if we are not staying over night with the animals. If we are staying overnight with the animals it is a flat rate per day.

Do you just take care of dogs and cats? No, we also take care of birds, horses, cows, chickens, rabbits and reptiles.

How much notice do you need to schedule pet sitting? The more notice you can give us the better so we can schedule a meeting to get acquainted with both you and your pets before you leave on your trip. We prefer a minimum of five days notice on all assignments but we do understand that there are sometimes when unexpected things come up and we always try to accommodate our clients if we can.


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